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Storyteller is an advertising agency and production house based in Singapore, with a specialty in using story driven content marketing to solve your communication problems.


History has proven the art of storytelling to be the most powerful communication tool throughout the ages. Traditions, parables and historical events millennia ago have been passed down through various forms of storytelling, yet they have not been lost in the ravines of time.


Powerful stories and visuals evoke great emotion and engagement. Our agency knows this through experience through our many clients from top brands and organisations. Storyteller is also responsible for one of the most viral videos in Singapore, which sparked a nationwide discussion on national identity.


While anyone can tell a story, we don’t just tell any story. We tell yours, in a riveting, engaging way, to drive in your narrative into your audience.


What will your story be?


Bespoke Solutions

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corporate video production

From short films to corporate videos, we provide bespoke video production and animation services. We fuss over every detail like composition, colour, script and music to ensure your video stands out from the rest.

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Marketing Solutions & Ideation

When it comes to marketing and campaigns, we pride ourselves in our unique ideas and concepts tearing apart the advertising playbook to craft you a narrative that will compellingly relay your message.


Social & Community Awareness

To build an attitude of positivity and resilience that can help define us as Singaporeans in an ever globalising world through our networks, initiatives, digital marketing, production and creative capabilities.

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Visually Stunning Narratives



  • Our Future Is Now | Corporate Video

    We were commissioned to come up with an emotive video showcasing the limitless possibilities of a Singaporean’s future. Created in commemoration of Singapore’s 50th birthday, the video was widely used and circulated amongst various government agencies.


    Using a cinematographic style reminiscent of old Singapore film, Storyteller acted as both agency and production house and was responsible for the whole project, from conceptualisation to post-production.

  • Sayang Sembawang | Corporate Video

    We were tasked by Sembawang Town Council (STC) to create an emotive piece showcasing the northern district. Given the special place that Sembawang is, with its vastly diverse peoples, places and traditions, all it took was hard work and persistence to reveal the beauty and idiosyncrasies of Sembawang.


    Most shots in this video production featured actual residents of Sembawang going about their daily lives, as the intention was to keep the video as real as possible to capture the true essence of Sembawang.


    Due to the many high buildings in the area, we relied on drone footage to bring out the best of Sembawang’s landscape. The drone shoots were also done early in the morning so as to capture the mist near the shores, which lent the video a touch of dreaminess.


    In commemoration of Singapore’s 49th Birthday, Warner Music wanted to incorporate the Hunter Hayes’ song You Are Not Invisible To Me in a video to recognise and thank the invisible people within our society. Five-time Grammy nominated artist Hunter Hayes flew to Singapore to produce this project with us.


    Storyteller came up with the concept of presenting massive bouquets of balloons to the invisible people, acknowledging them and showing our appreciation for the thankless work that they do. The balloons represent the gratitude we have for these unsung heroes; heroes who we interact with on a daily basis, and without whom, our lives would never be the same.

  • Dream Gril | Narrative Video

    Dream Girl was commissioned by Warner Music to promote the song Rather Be by British electronic group Clean Bandit. Storyteller conceptualized, scripted and produced a short film to that purpose.


    Due to the nature of the song, the most creative means to sell the song was through a story in the form of a narrative video. The story was built around the song, which blurs the line between dreams and reality with the message: “I would Rather Be in this dream with you”.


    The video was a success, going viral and garnering over 300,000 views on YouTube.


Good Storytelling Is Good Selling


Creative Digital Agency

    Natalie Studio | Corporate Branding

    With partners "Brain Juice Collective", we were engaged to create a professional yet creative and feminine look and feel for Natalie's new interior design company. This included creating a logo, iconic label for future products, business cards, administrative document templates, website design and development as well as content creation.


    The result was a unique and beautiful look and feel that was easy on the eyes yet appealing. Content marketing was made complete with on-site interviews and photography services provided at her clients' homes as well as copywriting in creating personal blog articles. Visit her "here" to find out more!


    Ravishing India | Consultation & Catalouge

    With Partners "Brain Juice Collective", we provided marketing consultancy for Ravishing India Holiday's inaugural celebration event as well as design and production support for the Ravishing India Holidays upmarket travel catalogue.


    The result was a beautiful and luxurious coffee-table style catalogue that suited the target audience perfectly. Additional event support was given in designing the rolling slide deck, putting together the music playlist as well as designing the post-event emailer banner. Check out Ravishing India Holidays .

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    Lapis Sagu | Comic Book

    Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) launched #ProjectLapisSagu in November last year for Singapore’s first crowdsourced film anthology.


    They received an overwhelming number of submissions, and beyond those selected to be made into short films, another four submissions were chosen to be made into comics with the help of Storyteller Productions and We Are Majulah.


    The entire project centers around the topics of cultural diversity and social integration – key issues in current Singaporean society. A total of 1,000 comics were printed and distributed.


Courage | Compassion | Ownership





    We Are Majulah is an initiative that aims to provide community-based solutions to improve civic-consciousness for a better tomorrow. We focus on the fundamental concept of Majulah, i.e. to move onward and to survive, as a belief that can be owned by all Singaporeans.


    Singapore as a young nation has been through its share of trouble, but has come out of it stronger every time. We believe this idea of Majulah represents the strength we have as a people to move onward regardless of trial or tribulation. We develop initiatives, both digital and on the ground, to continually work towards a more inclusive, tolerant and compassionate Singapore.


    Launched on the 15th of February 2016, We Are Majulah released a video titled: “I will Not Die For Singapore”. It started a national conversation by proposing a possible solution of a National Identity.


    I Will Not Die For Singapore


    Inspired by one of the most nostalgic childhood activities of Singaporeans, We Are Majulah has designed a full competition experience for both players and spectators.


    Put your eraser flipping skills and general knowledge to the test against other players in a league competition and stand to win attractive prizes if you emerge as the ultimate Eraser Cup champion.

    The Good Word Project

    Whether it be the aunty you buy kopi and kaya toast from in the morning, or the uncle that drives the bus you take on your daily commute, all of us have experienced joy, heartache and pain. What we have in common is that through our difficult moments, we learn of a way to survive. To move onward. To never give up.


    The Good Word Project collects advice from everyday Singaporeans and converts them into bite sized pockets of inspiration. All in the form of short 2-3 minute videos for a consumable documentary series.

    Majulah Shield

    We embarked on our first ever on-ground activation where volunteers came down to the Ground Theater at Scape and participated in a day of games and activities while spreading a message of togetherness and reassurance with the Majulah Shield. In total, we reached over 300 individuals and establishments around the town area and we couldn’t have done it without the help of all the friends, sponsors and volunteers who believed in us and our cause


    From the bottom of our hearts, the team would like to thank everyone who made this event possible and most importantly, to everyone who put up the decal/sticker pledging to be there in times of need, we salute you for standing together with us. pledging to be there in times of need






There Is No “I” In Storyteller Or Team


Core Team



Founder/CEO/Creative Director

“Guys, what do ya’ll think of this idea?”


Divian's Profile

Divian Nair is the CEO and Creative Director of Storyteller Productions. As the Creative Director, he conceptualises, scripts, and directs various genres of videos including short films and commercials. In 2015, he scripted and directed ‘Our Future is Now’, a video shot in a cinematic style for the People’s Action Party.


He is also the founder of a ground up, self-initiated national campaign “We Are Majulah”. The initiative is currently supported by The National Youth Council, MINDEF and Nexus, among other organisations. Divian was also most recently appointed as one of the youngest board members of the The Advisory Council on Community Relations in Defence (ACCORD).


He has delivered keynote speeches and conducted panel discussions at Singapore Polytechnic & Ngee Ann Polytechnic alongside individuals such as MP Janil Puthucheary & Minister Ong Ye Kung.

Hafiz Rahman


“Can be done la, just need technique.”


hafiz's Profile

In the five years that Hafiz has been in the media industry, he has shot and edited over 300 videos to date. He is the Technical Director of Storyteller Productions, and he was also the Principal Cinematographer for “Our Future Is Now”, a cinematic feature of Sembawang GRC for the People’s Association.


He was headhunted to join 987FM in 2012 to start 987TV – their online video arm. After establishing 987TV has an online channel powerhouse through the production of viral videos, he left to join NTU’s in house production team for a different change of pace, working in an education related field.


He is also part of the founding team of the ground up, self-initiated national campaign “We Are Majulah”.

Leon Kleinman

GM/Executive Producer

“What time can this be finished?”


leon's Profile

Leon comes from seven years of operational management experience that spans across multiple industries from F&B, IT, publishing, & media production.


He oversees the daily running of Storyteller and ensures the smooth running of projects and company operations. He has produced video projects for the Sembawang Town Council, People’s Association, TripAdvisor and Unilever, among others.


Leon is also one of the co-founders of “We Are Majulah” and oversees the operational execution of the social movement.

Dinesh Nair

Operations Manager/Editor

“Could you give me his number please?”


Dinesh's Profile

Coming soon to a Storyteller Website Near You

Yaocheng Lee

Finance Wizard

“I’ll transfer later.”


Yao's Profile

Not much is known about this mysterious individual except that we really trust him with our money and that he takes & edits really good photographs.


Great Clients Make Great Stories


Our Clients


Our Clients

Our clients come every sector, be it government, MNCs or SMEs, with varying requirements and budgets. Whether it’s frontline advertising, narrative storytelling of a brand or product, event videography or internal corporate communications videos, we can create a campaign and video that will suit your needs.


Our campaigns and videos have been picked up by various media outlets, with some videos going viral, becoming national talking points and achieving hundreds of thousands of views.


Contact us to find out how you can create a video that will tell your story.

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