Storyteller Productions: Boutique Video Production Agency in Singapore

As the name of our company suggests, Storyteller documents the best moments of your story and helps recreate them in motion pictures. As a bespoke video production and advertising agency, we offer our services for a variety of projects. Result-driven and creative, we retell your stories and make them appealing and memorable to your audience. Furthermore, Storyteller offers groundbreaking videography services for corporate events, commercial products, corporate branding, narrative storytelling as well as superb video editing. With talented and highly skilled videographers with excellent ideas to make your stories come to life, Storyteller is your choice production house agency in Singapore.

Why Choose Us?

At Storyteller Productions, we believe that all of us are storytellers in our own way. We all have our own stories to share with the world. What better way to have them chronicled and captured than in a dazzling and spectacular moving picture made by some of the most passionate and polished video production agency in Singapore?

For our team, we believe that catchy motion pictures filmed and edited with state-of-the-art equipment are the most powerful means of communication today. We will make sure your stories speak and engage with your audience.

We have been creating creative content from short films and adverts for numerous noteworthy clients in Singapore – these include a 4-minute corporate video for Nanyang Technological University Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine as well as a MICE video about sustainability for Singapore Tourism Board.

With experienced and creative videographers at our firm, Storyteller is the best boutique video production agency in Singapore for your advertisements, corporate videos as well as short stories.

How You Can Reach Out

Should you have any questions regarding our services, feel free to click here to fill in our online inquiry form. You will also find our address and social media platforms on our Contact page.

We look forward to serving you!