We embarked on journey for a cause close to our hearts with this video. Wildlife in Singapore faces an ever increasing risk with the growing urbanisation in Singapore. Many animals are also illegally imported from other countries and sold as exotic pets. However animals like the Indian star tortoises require very specific conditions for their survival and are often discarded when buyers find them difficult to keep. Acres had been housing over 60 of these animals and required funds to be raised to send these animals home in their largest repatriation effort. Storyteller Productions Singapore and We Are Majulah decided to lend a helping hand to construct this social media marketing video on Facebook so it could be perpetuated by social media personalities and pages. The efforts were successful and the tortoises were returned to their habitat in India.

Video Producer: Leon Kleinman
Film Director : Divian Nair
Director of Photography: Hafiz Rahman
Video Set Manager: Dinesh Nair
Video Host: Divian Nair