DBS “Live More Bank Less” social media campaign with Storyteller Productions Singapore
The campaign was put forward by DBS to promote the idea that life should not be cluttered with mundane worries like excessive banking. In a bid to achieve that, they commissioned a series of videos to highlight profiles who beat represented the campaign message. Profiles who had either overcome adversity or found ways to make the best use of their lives. The video production was challenging because we had to find different angles to approach each profile in an interesting and engaging way for effective digital marketing. Each profile also had to offer tips for how best to “Live More and Bank Less”. We were proud to have delivered a series of well received videos as one of the few video production companies selected by DBS and SPH in Singapore.
Video Producer: Leon Kleinman
Film Director : Divian Nair
Director of Photography: Hafiz Rahman
Video Set Manager: Dinesh Nair