Peoples Association had commissioned us to execute two videos and engage influencers to share the concept of #TheGiftOfPresence during the holiday season.

#TheGiftOfPresence drives the message that it’s not just physical gifts that matter but the gift of your time that you share with others be it volunteering, helping an elderly person cross the street or treating your colleague to a Milo Peng to enjoy a laugh. Every moment makes a difference.

In the first video, we introduced the idea of the campaign by filming on the streets. We interviewed them and asked them to say into camera who they would like to give their gift of presence to.

In the video edit, we stitched together the most heartfelt answers. We chose holiday seasonish music for the video.

In the second video, we filmed a PA volunteer that brought together a community of dog lovers. It was a terribly fun video shoot. So fun even a dog couldn’t help but but get up close and personal with our Director of Photography/Cinematographer/Videographer/Editor/#AllInOneSwissArmyKnife.

On top of video production, we engaged influencers to share the message.

All in all, the entire production process was a meaningful one especially during the holiday season.

Video Producer: Leon Kleinman
Film Director : Divian Nair
Director of Photography: Hafiz Rahman
Video Set Manager: Dinesh Nair
Video Host: Divian Nair