We Are Majulah is an initiative that aims to provide community-based solutions to improve civic-consciousness for a better tomorrow. We focus on the fundamental concept of Majulah, i.e. to move onward and to survive, as a belief that can be owned by all Singaporeans.


Singapore as a young nation has been through its share of trouble, but has come out of it stronger every time. We believe this idea of Majulah represents the strength we have as a people to move onward regardless of trial or tribulation. We develop initiatives, both digital and on the ground, to continually work towards a more inclusive, tolerant and compassionate Singapore.


Launched on the 15th of February 2016, We Are Majulah released a video titled: “I will Not Die For Singapore”. It started a national conversation by proposing a possible solution of a National Identity.



Inspired by one of the most nostalgic childhood activities of Singaporeans, We Are Majulah has designed a full competition experience for both players and spectators.


Put your eraser flipping skills and general knowledge to the test against other players in a league competition and stand to win attractive prizes if you emerge as the ultimate Eraser Cup champion.


The Good Word Project

Whether it be the aunty you buy kopi and kaya toast from in the morning, or the uncle that drives the bus you take on your daily commute, all of us have experienced joy, heartache and pain. What we have in common is that through our difficult moments, we learn of a way to survive. To move onward. To never give up.


The Good Word Project collects advice from everyday Singaporeans and converts them into bite sized pockets of inspiration. All in the form of short 2-3 minute videos for a consumable documentary series.

Majulah Shield

We embarked on our first ever on-ground activation where volunteers came down to the Ground Theater at Scape and participated in a day of games and activities while spreading a message of togetherness and reassurance with the Majulah Shield. In total, we reached over 300 individuals and establishments around the town area and we couldn’t have done it without the help of all the friends, sponsors and volunteers who believed in us and our cause


From the bottom of our hearts, the team would like to thank everyone who made this event possible and most importantly, to everyone who put up the decal/sticker pledging to be there in times of need, we salute you for standing together with us. pledging to be there in times of need